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About Us - Testmonials Welcome, Visitor

Grace Macion

Overall a great service, I would also want to say thank you for the professional way your agency handled me. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. There was always someone who would listen, help out and answer my inquiries. Our general communication was excellent. My emails and calls were immediately answered. Thank you and Gob bless your agency.

Aleli Serquina

Amehan is an agency whom you can TRUST.They are true to their commitment and you can rely on them in times of need. just trust them and i can say that because without them I am not here in US without their help.

Sharon Gahum

I contacted Amehan because I was referred to them by my bestfriend. The team kept me updated and were always happy to answer my questions. Amehan made my move to US hassle free and enjoyable. No doubt I would recommend any nurses who want to work here to this agency.

Christilyn C. Perido, RN

When I finished my nursing degree and got my license to practice my profession, I never thought of going abroad to work. I've been to a certain agency before, just to test my fate, but I ended up withdrawing my application.

Things gradually changed the time I knew Amehan Recruitment and Placement Agency here in Cebu. After I passed the CGFNS, TOEFL and TSE, I started to ask myself "Why not?", for afterall, I'm a registered nurse. And I choose to trust my future in the hands of Amehan staff. No regrets at all! I found out I made the right decision. Now, I already have my immigrant visa in just less than a year of processing from the date I received my packet 1! So, to Amehan, I really appreciate your effort...thank you and more power!

May Joy Adizas

Amehan made the whole process so easy for me. During the application process they have really assisted me in speeding it up. The follow-ups of Amehan were so excellent. They have frequently contacted me for the updates and status of my application. I owe a huge thank you to Amehan for they have been absolutely helpful. You are indeed a professional organization and I can't say bad things on the services you have rendered.

Julie Bascao

Thank you for all the support, assistance and guidance in accomplishing all the necessary papers in going abroad. Thank you for being friendly and accomodating. Without you i cannot pursue my dreams. Keep up the good work and more power!"