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   Registered Nurse (RN)

What are the required documents a nurse needs to apply for a job?
To initiate your employment based permanent visa or temporary working visa, we need the following documents from you:
  • 2 copies of CGFNS certificate or US NCLEX-RN license

  • 2 copies of Nursing diploma

  • 2 copies of Nursing License

  • 2 copies Your Transcript of record (if available)

  • 2 copies of Resume

  • 2 photos

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage License

  • High School Diploma

What is the type of visa that UCI processes for nurses to enter the U.S.?

Normally, we process the employment based permanent visa (Green card) for our recruited nurses. The process will take about 9-15 months, We also process the H-1B working visa on individual basis. We require nurses to have an NCLEX-RN license before applying for H-1B visa.

What is the visa screen certificate?

Visa screen is a requirement from the U.S. Immigration. It became effective September 1998. Nurses from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are exempt from this English exam requirement. Nurses from other countries are required to take the English exam. There are two choices of the English exam to choose from. One is the IELTS and the other one is ETS (TOEFL, TWE and TSE). We recommend RN candidates to take IELTS

This visa screen certificate is required at the last stage during the personal interview with the U.S. consulate in your country.

Also, nurses are required to complete a visa screen certificate by taking either IELTS or the ETS (TOEFL, TWE, and TSE)

Can I start working right away after I arrive in the U.S.?

If you have already passed the NCLEX-RN license, you can start working immediately upon arriving in the U.S. If you have CGFNS, you will need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam before you are allowed to work as a register nurse.

Can I include my spouse and children in the visa petition?

You can also include your spouse and children who are under twenty-one (21) years old in your visa petition. Also, your spouse is eligible to find his/her employment immediately from the Immigration point of view.